The Roller-coaster Journey of Launching my First Writer Website

    Tumushimire Yves and Charles McKinney IV

    After years of thinking about creating and almost hiring a somewhat costly graphic design team in Thailand to develop a business website to showcase my writing and editing services, this year in 2018 I am glad to announce that I have finally accomplished this goal, which was one of my goals for the New Year. Interestingly, I managed to find an enterprising student who is passionately gifted in website development and graphic design at the university where I teach. I believe our meeting was kismet!

    While he first asked me for advice in writing and editing English content for his own nutritional website, a venture he started with a friend to provide healthy nutrition advice to Rwandan citizens, I then thought of utilizing his expertise in order to establish my website, a long-time dream that fell by the wayside… until NOW! This couldn’t be a better match, a total win-win for us both. Upon asking him to embark on this endeavor, he unwaveringly accepted the proposal.

    So in early April we met to map out the details of the project and from there the work began. He began his work, and I began mine. Toward the end of the month we met again so he could update me on the progress made from the content, media and design preferences I sent him beforehand. Eager to see what he had done, I was blown away by the professional work displayed in the quality of the website’s look, feel and overall appeal. I could tell that he takes prodigious pride in his work, a like-minded professional who delivers on his commitment. He had a plan, kept me abreast of it and met regularly with me to tackle the tasks at hand.

    Tumushimire Yves and Charles McKinney IV

    Like with any worthy undertaking in life, we encountered challenges on the path to manifesting this groundbreaking project. Unfortunately, the young entrepreneur’s computer crashed days prior to almost finishing the website and to final exam week. The timing of this quandary couldn’t be worse. However, he quickly bounced back from the event by borrowing a friend’s computer and using mine’s when we met to discuss the progress of the website. Now, for the next challenge?

    Many of the photo images, including the ones that link to my digital publications, either were not clearly showing up or showing up at all on the site. So he suggested contacting the technical support team of the website’s hosting service to troubleshoot the problem. As the host server is in beta testing mode currently, he thought that this was possibly the cause of the unforeseen issue.

    An experienced coder and troubleshooter himself, the student webmaster managed to resolve the kinks impeding ultimate completion success of the website and, thereby, fortifying my faith in his staunch professionalism. While I had my slight doubts, they rapidly vanished as I monitored the status of the site from both mobile and laptop mediums, noticing the evaporated glitches.

    Lastly, a third but nonthreatening challenge has been the often temperamental nature of the Internet connection in Rwanda, which can unpredictably stop working or can sometimes be very slow and admittedly frustrating. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped this show of producing the website and makes its mere existence that much more special and appreciated.

    Tumushimire Yves and Charles McKinney IV

    Finally, after nearly six weeks of ongoing communication, meetings and problem solving, the website is ready to be released and shared into the world of cyberspace. I humbly gratefully thank Mr. Yves for his faithful commitment to facilitating the achievement of this enduring vision that came into fruition at the appropriate time. If you like what you see on my website, check him out by clicking on his name at the bottom of this page. Welcome to my writer website!


    1. I think this is greet achievement to you in this year and l hope your relationship with students in human nutrition in Rwanda will continue. Thanksgivings


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