When I was 15

When I was 15

Happy 15th Birthday LinkedIn! I cannot believe it’s been that long since its inception. I did not really start using LinkedIn seriously until 2011 when I first started teaching abroad. And I’ve been hooked ever since, ever grateful for LinkedIn’s evolution and for this all-inclusive blogging platform that allows me to share my professional journey with other passionate, intelligent and career-minded networkers. I salute you LinkedIn!

Fifteen years ago I was still in high school trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. College attendance was the sure path I wanted to take as a student back then, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to study. Clinical psychology appealed to me during those years as self-help and positive psychology books attracted my interest.

I thought of earning a Ph.D. in the field and that would lead to the opening of my own private practice. Psychiatry even struck a chord with me. My former pastor gave me wise advice about going into such a field. She said it is something that you really have to be cut out for and gifted to do otherwise your clients could make you go cuckoo. It was straightforward counsel that I carefully considered as I made my way through high school.

Upon entering college, I decided to major in International Business Foreign Language with a minor in Entrepreneurship. It turned out that the foreign language and international aspect of the interdisciplinary major intrigued me more than the business aspect. The same is true as of today, 15 years later, as a global educator and traveling wordsmith ever fascinated with cultural anthropology. My education prepared me for the trajectory my life work has taken.

Never in a million years did I imagine embarking on a career in international education by traveling and teaching English around the globe. Nonetheless, in retrospect, I have no regrets. Now as a second-time Peace Corps volunteer working in Africa at the University of Rwanda, I continue on the path of intellectual and spiritual self-actualization inspired by all the possibilities inherent in my worldview of anything is possible. Because it really is if only you believe! What did you want to be or do when you were 15? #whenIwas15



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