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When I was 15

Happy 15th Birthday LinkedIn! I cannot believe it’s been that long since its inception. I did not…

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New Year, New Goals, New You

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2018, only two years away from entering a new decade? I can…

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How I Earn $500 Per Article as a Writer for My Alma Mater

One day three years ago, I received a LinkedIn message from the alumni magazine editor of the…

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Teaching Understanding and Empathy through Diversity and Inclusion

Peace Corps Macedonia created a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (D&IWG) in early 2016 when I…

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College Media: Learning in Action – A Short Book Review

_Over two years ago when I was working on my first scholarly chapter-essay for publication in an…

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Peace Corps Traveling Camp Teaches Youngsters Global Awareness

Hearing about the traveling camp from my site mate and how much fun she had had two summers ago…

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Under the Microscope

I brimmed with enthusiasm at the thought of living in a country I always wanted to visit since…

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Peace Corps Language Week: Advancing up the Language Ladder of Success

Every year [Peace Corps Macedonia]( holds a language…

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Books in Black History: Dreams from My Father

One day while textbook shopping in my [college's]( bookstore, I noticed…

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