Charles McKinney IV

TEFL Teacher/ writer/ editor


CharlesMcKinney IV

Charles McKinney works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia teaching English at King Saud University for its Common First Year (CFY) college prep program. No stranger to journalism endeavors, Charles contributes to the CFY English magazine, Spotlight, as a content writer and the chief proofreader. He also works with students in an extracurricular sense as a Student Activities Rep in which he provides extra help to students for the weekly English Hub program; one way he does this is by conducting a creative writing workshop for interested students.

Charles plans to attend the second annual Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching conference in Dubai, UAE in March and hopes to start teaching English online as a supplementary source of income. He will start working on his second master’s degree this summer by enrolling at the School for International Training (SIT) as a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) student.


A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) who served in Macedonia, Eastern Europe as a TEFL instructor for two years and in Rwanda, Eastern Africa as a TEFL lecturer for six months, Charles has embarked on a thrilling career teaching and traveling overseas since 2010. He started in South Korea then moved to China and on to Thailand where he earned his first master’s degree in Media Communications at Webster University Thailand. Charles holds a BA in International Business Foreign Language with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Immaculata University in suburban Philadelphia. Higher education enthralls him.

With a strong background in student media commencing in high school, Charles has always had a passion for dynamic self-expression through the literary arts that manifested itself in the publication of numerous poems, stories and other literature throughout his academic career. Immediately following college graduation, Charles participated in a short-term journalism internship that taught him practical skills in multimedia during a kaleidoscopic journalistic milieu at the time.

Digital journalism was making rapid headway, and blogging was becoming a new norm in the business. The internship proved fruitful to the future pursuits of his freelancing endeavors. Several months later, Charles landed a lucrative business legal reporting gig in his home state of Delaware in which he was hired to report on the high-profile Ebay vs. Craigslist trial for a prestigious international business website. His dream of becoming a professional freelance writer/editor gradually progressed, particularly after he earned a distance-learning Breaking into Print certificate in professional nonfiction writing with the Institute for Writers.

To date, Charles’ work has been published in both print and online media in such publications as The Atlantic, The Black Expat, College Media: Learning in Action, China Daily, EFL Magazine, Immaculata University’s alumni magazine, Webster University’s Glimpse magazine, Diversity Abroad, Freedom with Writing, English Teaching Forum and the National Peace Corps Association’s Worldview. He’s working on publishing his first e-book, featuring a compilation of colorful stories and vignettes from his nostalgic Peace Corps adventure in magnificent Macedonia. Charles has also been interviewed and featured on the My Peace Corps Story podcast, ILuv2Globetrot, Humans of Wanderlust and Teaching Traveling websites and has made a local TV appearance in his hometown.

Not only does Charles enjoy creating a variety of content for old or new media, but also working with budding writers, students and professionals in facilitating their publishing dreams. He has provided editing, proofreading and critiquing services on many academic, professional and personal writing projects for clients worldwide. “Crafting words to meet your writing needs” is the business motto he heeds. Thus, he is eager to land new customers and to help them soar in the highly dense world of writing, editing and publishing. Let us work together!

“Nothing shall be impossible to them that believe.” –Mark 9:23 (Holy Bible)